Source code for intent.pos.getPrototypes

Created on Oct 22, 2013

@author: rgeorgi

# Global imports ---------------------------------------------------------------
from optparse import OptionParser
import sys, re, codecs
from collections import defaultdict

# Internal imports -------------------------------------------------------------
from intent.utils.ConfigFile import ConfigFile
from intent.utils.dicts import TwoLevelCountDict

[docs]def get_prototypes(tagged_path, proto_out, delimeter, ignoretags = [], unambiguous = False, maxproto = 0): encoding = getencoding(tagged_path) tagged_file =, 'r', encoding=encoding) tag_word_dict = TwoLevelCountDict() word_tag_dict = TwoLevelCountDict() proto_dict = defaultdict(set) for line in tagged_file: tokens = line.split() for token in tokens: word, pos ='(^.*)%s(.*?)$' % delimeter, token).groups() if pos not in ignoretags: word = word.lower() tag_word_dict.add(pos, word) word_tag_dict.add(word, pos) numproto = 0 # First, let's pick the maxproto most frequent words for a tag. for tag in tag_word_dict.keys(): words = tag_word_dict[tag].most_frequent(minimum=1, num = None) found_words = 0 for word in words: freq_tag = word_tag_dict[word].most_frequent(minimum=1) if freq_tag and freq_tag[0] == tag: # if freq_tag: proto_dict.add(freq_tag[0], word) numproto += 1 found_words += 1 if maxproto and found_words == maxproto: break print('%s Prototypes found.' % numproto) # Now, set up the proto file for writing. proto_file = open(proto_out, 'w') for tag in proto_dict: proto_file.write(tag) for word in proto_dict[tag]: proto_file.write('\t'+word.lower()) # LOWERCASE for testing proto_file.write('\n') proto_file.close()
if __name__ == '__main__': p = OptionParser() p.add_option('-c', '--conf', help='Configuration file') opts, args = p.parse_args(sys.argv) errors = require_opt(opts.conf, 'Missing conf file', True) if errors: p.print_help() sys.exit() c = ConfigFile(opts.conf) get_prototypes(c['taggedfile'], c['protofile'], c['delimeter'], c['ignoretags'], c['unambiguous'], c['maxproto'])