Source code for intent.scripts.classification.feature_ablation

Created on Oct 1, 2014

@author: rgeorgi
# Global Imports ---------------------------------------------------------------
import glob, os, pickle
from collections import OrderedDict
from multiprocessing import Pool

# Internal imports -------------------------------------------------------------
from intent.utils.ConfigFile import ConfigFile
from intent.utils.argpasser import ArgPasser

[docs]def produce_files(**c): # Set up the output files outdir = c.get('outdir') c['tag_out'] = os.path.join(outdir, 'ablation_tags.txt') c['class_out'] = os.path.join(outdir, 'ablation_class.txt') c['maxent_path'] = os.path.join(outdir, 'ablation-model.maxent') c['tag_f'] = open(c.get('tag_out'), 'w', encoding='utf-8') c['class_f'] = open(c.get('class_out'), 'w', encoding='utf-8') c = ArgPasser(c) xp = XamlParser(**c) xml_files = glob.glob(os.path.join(c.get('input_dir'), c.get('pattern', default='*.xml'))) for x_f in xml_files: xp.parse(x_f, **c) return c
[docs]def test_results(**c): train, test = m.train_txt(c['class_out'], c['maxent_model']) return train, test # Make sure nosetests doesn't think this is a testcase.
test_results.__test__ = False
[docs]def test_feature(**c): c = produce_files(**c) c['class_f'].close() c['tag_f'].close() train, test = test_results(**c) return train, test # Again, for nosetests.
test_feature.__test__ = False
[docs]def ablation(**c): always_on = [] other_feats = [ ('basicGrams','feat_basic'), ('alignedTag','feat_align'), ('gramHasNumber','feat_has_number'), ('suffix','feat_suffix'), ('prefix','feat_prefix'), ('numGrams','feat_morph_num'), ('prevGrams','feat_prev_gram'), ('nextGrams','feat_next_gram'), ('prevGramDict','feat_prev_gram_dict'), ('nextGramDict','feat_next_gram_dict'), ('dictTag','feat_dict')] combos = [('affixes', ['feat_suffix', 'feat_prefix']), ('context', ['feat_prev_gram', 'feat_next_gram']), ('dict_context', ['feat_prev_gram_dict', 'feat_next_gram_dict']), ('all_dict', ['feat_prev_gram_dict', 'feat_next_gram_dict', 'feat_dict']), ('best', ['feat_basic', 'feat_prev_gram_dict', 'feat_next_gram_dict', 'feat_dict', 'feat_suffix', 'feat_prefix', 'feat_next_gram', 'feat_prev_gram', 'feat_align']) ] performance = OrderedDict() for feat in always_on: c[feat] = True for title, feat in other_feats: # RESET for other_title, other_feat in other_feats: c[other_feat] = False # Test that feature alone print("=============== TESTING %s" % feat) c[feat] = True train, test = test_feature(**c) performance[title] = (train, test) for name, featlist in combos: # RESET for other_title, other_feat in other_feats: c[other_feat] = False # Add combo features for feat in featlist: c[feat] = True train, test = test_feature(**c) performance[name] = (train, test) for feat in performance: print('%s,%s,%s' % (feat, performance[feat][0], performance[feat][1]))
if __name__ == '__main__': c = ConfigFile('/Users/rgeorgi/Dropbox/code/eclipse/dissertation/conf/classification/feature_ablation.conf') if c.get('posdict'): c['posdict'] = pickle.load(open(c.get('posdict'), 'rb')) m = MalletMaxentTrainer() c['maxent_model'] = m ablation(**c) #c['feat_align'] = True #print(test_feature(**c))