Quickstart Guide

Following this guide should get INTENT installed and set up on your system in as little time as possible.

1. Obtaining the Code

The code is maintained in a git repository at:


In order to download the source, you can either install git and run

$ git clone git@github.com:rgeorgi/intent.git intent

to clone the latest version into the folder ./intent.

Otherwise, you can download the current repository as a .zip file from:

2. Getting the Dependencies

INTENT has several dependencies required to run the software successfully.

2.1 Python Modules

These modules must be either installed or located on a path in the PYTHONPATH variable when running INTENT.

pip is strongly reccomended for installing NLTK and lxml.

2.2 Other Tools

Also required are the following tools:

3. Setting up the Environment

Once the above dependencies are satisifed, the env.conf file provided in the root of the project directory must be updated to point to the installation paths for the dependencies.

An example env.conf file is provided here

4. Running the package

Running the package is done by using the ./intent.py script in the root of the project directory.

A full manual for the usage information is provided here: Commandline Manual